Lerdge Z Board w LCD Screen - No drivers


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The LERDGE-Z motherboard, which adds an EX axis (changes to a 5-axis), which can be customized as dual X/Y/Z/E.

The upgraded LERDGE-Z is also to replace the LERDGE-K motherboard, which is between the LERDGE-X motherboard and the LERDGE-K motherboard. In the meantime, only the functions that are not commonly used on the LERDGE-K motherboard have been removed, but the price has been reduced.

In a word: Customers who want to buy the LERDGE-X motherboard or the LERDGE-K motherboard can directly buy the LERDGE-Z motherboard, which is a combination of the two boards.


If you already have a driver modules, you already have a 3.5-inch touch screen, you can buy Only Z Board.

Tip: The Lerdge Z motherboard have to match with our 3.5-inch touch screen to be used.

Note: The Lerdge-Z motherboard does not support TMC series UART/SPI mode

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