.4 mm Brasss Nozzles

.4 mm Brass Nozzles


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  • Specifications: Material: Brass, Nozzle Parameters: 0.4mm , 
  • ️Good Compatibility: Suitable for most 3D printers that use non-metallic materials to flow out. The shape is marked with the diameter of orifice, which is convenient to distinguish different nozzles.
  • ️Performance: The nozzle of 3D Printer extruder can effectively prevent the material from leaking, the filament flows out smoothly, continuously and evenly, the viscosity coefficient is small. The inner wall is mirror-polished and the surface is smooth, which reduces the resistance of the material flowing out, not easy to block the nozzle, Easy to install and clean. The contact surface is flat and avoid frequent nozzle replacement.
  • ️Material: Using high quality, safe brass, our extruder nozzle not only has good toughness and hardness, but also has good thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance and the number of uses can reach more than 500 times, the appearance is smooth and burr free, input and output holes have good coaxially , and the chamfer cutting design is convenient for the material to enter the nozzle and can avoid the nozzle blockage. Precise mechanical thread, good sealing performance, no leakage.
  • ️Package: 2 Pcs 3D Printer Extruders Nozzles.

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