Capricorn Kit

Capricorn Kit

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Capricorn PTFE Bowden Tubing XS Series 2M and Tube Cutter for 3D Printer 1.75mm Filament with Pneumatic Fitting

It was developed specifically for 1.75mm filament ,Reduces the "wiggle room," or buckling, inside the tube, allowing you to print flexible filaments even on the longest Bowden systems.
Less friction means more responsiveness, less retraction, more accurate prints, less slippage, wear, and tear on the extruder, and less clogging when printing chunky filaments such as some woodfills or ironfills.
High Temperature Resistance due to using only the highest quality PTFE. Capricorn XS tubing will operate at even higher temperatures than our TL.


Package Contents:
1 x 2M PTFE tube
1 x Tube cutter
2 x PC4-M6 Pneumatic connector w/ collet
2 x PC4-M10 Pneumatic connector w/ collet

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