PETG Green by Colour Dream
  • PETG Green by Colour Dream

PETG Green by Colour Dream


Colour Dream Green PETG is a stronger and more resistant filament, it also requires higher printing and bed temperatures, check with your manufacturer to see if you need to modify your hot end.
It is not recommended to print on coated glass plates as it can tear the coating off when removing, I suggest PEI or a spring steel plate.
For best results you can also use a printer enclosure.

Printer setup guide:

  • Best Printing Temperature:220-250
  • Bed Temperature:60-80℃
  • Printing Speed:Printer Specific
  • Movement Speed :Printer Specific

Key Benefits

  1. Greater Flexibility
  2. Ideal for external use
  3. Resistant to high temperatures, UV, water/moisture and chemical solvents
  4. Perfect for functional prototypes and engineering
  5. Accurate to a true tolerance ±0.03MM
  6. Suitable for 95% of the FDM printers on the market
  7. Glossy Finish

 Colour Dream® White PETG 1.75mm 3D Printer Filament 1kg Spool-Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.03mm


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